• Presse Commerce Subscription
    Presse Commerce is a unique magazine distribution service. By handling unsold copies of magazines distributed in retail outlets, Presse Commerce can offer the best and newest publications at low cost.
  • D'Artagnan Distribution
    D'Artagnan Distribution was created in 2004 in order to further enhance the existing range of toys offered on the Canadian market. This led to the introduction of the Papo figurines, a French brand that would soon become the benchmark of the toy industry.
  • Books Presse Commerce
    Presse Commerce is proud to offer, since 2009, the French subscriber service for Harlequin, global leader in series romance and one of the world's leading publishers of books for women.
  • MUHC
    Presse Commerce Corporation is proud to announce the opening of three stores within Montreal’s newest hospital, McGill University Health Centre.

Presse Commerce Corporation is a key figure in the magazine industry. With our strong expertise in the field, Presse Commerce offers various services ranging from waiting room distribution to newsstand promotional programs.

Founded in 1988, Presse Commerce Corporation has greatly diversified its activities since. Most of our divisions are related to magazines, but we also offer other products like toys and books.


Presse Commerce Corporation is proud to announce the acquisition, on 1st June 2016, of  Express Mag, today the North American leader for international and specialized publication subscriptions, active since 1986.

Over the years, Express Mag has become known as the expert in managing subscriptions of imported and specialized publications. Today, Express Mag handles over 1,800 magazine titles in Canada and the United States. Express Mag constantly stays in tune with their loyal subscribers and is proud to offer them attentive and personalized service.

A bond of trust with subscribers and a solid relationship with publishers are at the core of the Express Mag strategy for success. Not surprisingly, Express Mag is the North American leader in managing subscriptions of imported and specialized publications. As proof, Express Mag is the exclusive North American distributors of nearly 400 titles, including Paris Match, National Geographic (French Version), Géo and Courrier International.

Express Mag has also embarked on a major diversification of its activities. To better meet the needs of customers and publishers, Express Mag now offers mail order services and subscriptions to serial collections (RBA and TF1).

Express Mag is one of the most important acquisitions for Presse Commerce Corporation. Magazines were and are our first passion. It gives you hands-on news, culture and information.