Presse Commerce Corporation is proud to announce the opening of three stores, on the week of November 9th 2015, within Montreal’s newest hospital complex, McGill University Health Centre.

Through an array of innovative and targeted marketing strategies since 1990, Presse Commerce Corporation has become proficient in the sale of printed products. Even though we are a key figure in the magazine industry, our proficiency extends to other quality products such as toys and books. With over 25 years of expertise in the industry, we have established our reputation through various marketing initiatives and merchandising ventures. We offer a controlled and favorable environment for all kinds of purchases. Reliable and enthusiastic customer service is what keeps our clients coming back day after day, week after week. Our employees are fully dedicated and will track down the magazine or product that is best suited for you.

The McGill University Health Centre is situated on a 247 000 m2 at the Glen site. The site is strategically located at the crossroads of major arteries and is easily accessible by public transportation. Housing the Royal-Victoria Hospital, Children’s Hospital, the Montreal Chest Institute and the biggest Research Centre in Canada, the MUHC is building a better future not only for patients and families, but also for the community.

The Glen site, a state-of-the-art regional complex in the industry, will be home to some of the most advanced treatment facilities in North America. Furthermore, the retailers will serve not only patients but also employees: doctors, nurses, students as well as visitors. The commercial area will be accessible at any period of the day. The commercial spaces will need to optimize usage with innovative designs, a wide-ranging inventory and great merchandising appeal. More than 12,000 users per day are expected at the Glen site.

Our stores will be located in the dedicated commercial space and will be seen by approximately 4.8 million users per year: 47% of them are employees, 27% patients and 26% visitors. Our customer base includes: students, doctors, researchers and nurses.

The main objective of this commercial area is to guarantee comfort to all users with the best stores possible. Each of our concepts has been approved by the McGill Healthcare Infrastructure Group (MHIG) in conformity with the highest standards of commercial practices.

From the beginning, the Montreal community has been a major focus of Presse Commerce. It is in this light that we will select our devoted employees as well as our suppliers and collaborators who will uphold our values in what will be our largest project to date.


Dépanneur Multimags, our first concept, will be located in a strategic location for patients who are waiting at the emergency, for visitors who need a refreshing drink or for hospital employees who simply want to take a break.

Dépanneur Multimags will offer customers drinks, coffee, snacks, candies, newspapers, magazines, lottery and all basic necessities.

It will definitely become a preferred destination for purchases of all kind.

Librairie-Papeterie Multimags, our third concept, will combine a book and stationery supplies store.

It will offer pocket books of any kind, books on sale, books for children and teenagers, books about health and various other themes. In addition to its large selection of magazines, an efficient reservation service will make this location a destination store for any reading material.

Not only will Librairie-Papeterie Multimags have a large selection of books, it will also offer an array of stationery products, from a simple pen to very personalized items. It will also contain a gift section where you can find premium chocolate, fashion accessories and craft supplies.

Passe-Temps & Jouets Multimags, our second concept, will offer a large selection of affordable gifts for kids such as tons of toys, plush, gifts, cards and balloons.

Passe-Temps & Jouets Multimags will be located in the Children’s Hospital, near the playground and the resting area for kids.

This outlet is not a simple store. It has a unique concept because every employee will be wearing a costume. It could be a princess, a mermaid, a superhero or any other character that kids love. The employees will also be invited to participate in many animated activities with the children.

McGill University Health Centre - Glen Site, McGill Healthcare Infrastructure Group (MHIG), Retail areas managed by GISM, 
1001 Boulevard Décarie
Montreal (Quebec) H4A 3J1


  • 1001, Boulevard Décarie #BO10056 | CUSM (Library) - Montreal
  • 1001, Boulevard Décarie #AO10100.1 | CUSM (Toystore) - Montreal
  • 1001, Boulevard Décarie #AS10100.1 | CUSM (Convenience Store) - Montreal
  • 1682, Mont-Royal Est ave. | Papineau corner - Montreal
  • 825, Mont-Royal Est ave. | St-Hubert corner - Montreal
  • 6889, Saint-Laurent blvd. | Bélanger corner - Montreal
  • 5508, Monkland ave. | Girouard corner - Montreal
  • 370, Laurier Ouest ave. | Parc Avenue corner - Montreal
  • 1717, Berri st. | Bus Terminal - Montreal
  • 6321, TransCanada hwy | Fairview Pointe-Claire - Montreal

  • (see map below)


With over twenty years of experience when it comes to magazines, Multimags is the quintessential reference in Montreal.

In our boutiques, you will find nearly 4,500 magazines from all over the world. Whether you are interested in a specific topic such as astronomy or more mainstream categories like fashion or news, our magazines offer a never ending selection that won’t leave you wanting more. Furthermore, our team strives to enhance our magazines on offer on a daily basis in order to fulfill your needs and preferences. Newspapers are also an integral part of our wide range of print media. They are available from many different countries such as France, Italy and the United States.

You can also take advantage of our layaway and reservation services which ensure you the availability of your favourite magazines. This service is offered to businesses as well as individuals.

In addition to specializing in magazines and newspapers, Multimags offers an extensive range of products that are appreciated for their quality as well as their creativity.

  • Our Moleskine notebooks are well-known for their durability and elegance.
  • Our exceptional selection of greeting cards; a refreshing take on the out-dated choices available elsewhere.
  • Our European sweets (Haribo, Côte d’Or, etc.) are guilty pleasures for gourmets.
  • Our specialty products redefine the art of gift giving.

You will also find coffee table books on architecture, decoration, cooking, photography and art, unconventional postcards of Montreal, not to mention tobacco and lottery products.

Reliable and enthusiastic customer service is what keeps our clients coming back day after day, week after week. Our employees will do anything to track down the magazine or product suited to your taste.


Dépanneur Multimags

Our new Multimags has recently made its arrival in the Gare d’autocars de Montréal. There is no doubt that this Multimags will become a must for travelers seeking convenience in downtown Montreal, and for advertisers looking to feature their products in a strategic location with a solid customer base.

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