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The exceptional and unparalleled benefits of its subscription service have earned Presse Commerce an impeccable reputation. You will find our products in the Jac & Gil and Multimags stores which are the quintessential stops for daily purchases. Beyond offering an abundance of magazines and newspapers, one can also find a diverse selection of related products like greeting cards, tobacco, beverages and lottery products. We offer a pleasant working environment, a group insurance plan, family leave and more. Join our dynamic team!

I declare that the information provided in this form is accurate. I understand that making a false statement could result in my application being rejected or in my dismissal if I am hired.I authorise all enterprises, institutions, corporations, associations and former employers to make available to Presse Commerce (or any third party inquiring for Presse Commerce) all information concerning my employment, credit and legal history. I am aware that this information might contain personal details on my character and reputation.