Presse Commerce CorporationMD is a key figure in the magazine industry that has diversified its activities over the last twenty years. Many divisions, related to magazines or other products like toys and books, are born of this diversification. Presse Commerce started off by offering waiting rooms unsold newsstand magazines.



Presse Commerce was born in 1988. M. Richard Repper had the desire to offer waiting rooms of Canada, quality publications while allowing publishers to increase their readership, their subscription, their newsstand sales as well as their visibility. Annually, Presse Commerce recovers over 2,500,000 unsold magazines and redistributes them to over 22,000 waiting rooms across Canada, therefore increasing the publications longevity.

To add to the Presse Commerce’s activities, the opening of retail outlets specializing in magazines seemed to be a natural extension of the company. Presse commerce gradually starts buying retail outlets in Montreal. In 1988, the company already owns three locations named Presse Boutiques. The latter will become Multimags MD in June 1993. In December 2011, Presse Commerce inaugurated a new magazine point of sale concept, the Dépanneur Multimags located in Montreal’s new bus terminal. Today, in 2011, there are six Multimags and one Dépanneur Multimags in Montreal.

  • December 2011  : Dépanneur Multimags
  • May 2009 : Multimags – Mont-Royal
  • May 2005 : Multimags – Petite-Italie
  • August 2002 : Multimags – Outremont
  • April 1998 : Multimags – Village Monkland
  • October 1990 : Multimags – Pointe-Claire
  • October 1988 : Multimags – Le Plateau

In 1990, Presse Commerce expands its operations by creating the Presse Commerce Chain which now has over 425 retailers. Presse Commerce’s role is to provide retailers, which have magazine and newspaper marketing in common, with management and development tools. In addition, a close collaboration with publishers enables a personalized magazine promotion.

After settling in the Montreal metropolis, Quebec City proves to be the perfect location for Presse Commerce to continue its expansion. In 1999, the company buys Jac & GilMD which is already part of the Presse Commerce Chain. Moreover, this retail outlet has been greatly   appreciated by the Capitale-Nationale’s citizens for over 20 years. Presse Commerce decides to keep the store’s name since it’s already well known. There are now five Jac & Gil in Quebec. 

  • Decembre 2002 : Jac & Gil – St-Rock
  • October 2002 : Jac & Gil – Charlesbourg
  • January 2001 : Jac & Gil – Place d’Youville
  • April 1999 : Jac & Gil – Sainte-Foy
  • May 2014 : Jac & Gil - Saint-Jean

The company’s president’s passion for toys led to the creation of a brand new division at Presse Commerce. Since 2003, Presse Commerce Distribution (D'Artagnan Distribution) distributes toys across the country. Presse Commerce Distribution’s activities are focused around the resale of goods to a network of specialized toy and hobby retailers. Presse Commerce Distribution is the exclusive distributor in Canada of the toys it offers, toys such as Papo figurines, Le Toy Van wooden environments, LP Rhythmix musical instruments, Liontouch dress up costumes, National Geographic plush toys and Spirit of the Empire lead figurines.

The last addition is Presse Commerce Livres. Since March 2009, Presse Commerce has a book delivery service for the French speaking Harlequin subscribers. Harlequin is the world's leading publishers of books for women. Presse Commerce Livres offers the following collections: Azur, Passions, Black Rose, Nora Roberts, Les Historiques and the Darkiss, Mira and Jade novels.