Services targeted to magazine and book publishers fall under two principal categories: Newsstand promotional programs and Waiting room distribution.

For more than 25 years, we have worked hard at building readership for an impressive list of publications. Our publishing partners have benefited from participating in one or more of the promotional services we offer.

The numbers speak for themselves! We have concrete proof of how our programs help increase the recognition and visibility of magazines and books aimed at your target market, throughout the country.

Presse Commerce Corporation is proud to announce its association with the national industry wide marketing campaign from Magazines Canada as well as its exceptional $50 000 contribution to support the newsstand magazine industry in 2016.


Newsstand Promotional Programs

With the simple goal of increasing the visibility and sales of magazines and books throughout our pan-Canadian network of more than 325 retail stores, Presse Commerce has developed several tools and programs for publishers who have likewise goals. Our programs are developed hand-in-hand with our affiliated member retailers who have met our strict performance criteria, with targeted positive results.

What’s more,
OUR COMPLETE SELECTION OF PROGRAMS allows each publisher, from the smallest to the largest, to find the formula that suits them best, and also allows them the opportunity to significantly increase news- stand sales.

Are you a publisher who takes the increase of readership to heart? Contact us now. Our team will work with you to find the program that is best designed for your publication.

Waiting Room Distribution

When a magazine or a book's shelf life expires, in steps the waiting room distribution service.

Each month, Presse Commerce manages the distribution of unsold publications of over 200 different titles, which are placed in over 15 000 professional waiting rooms across Canada. Along with promotional programs at the newsstand, waiting room distribution serves to increase readership and allows a captive audience to become familiar with each participating title. Our distribution service also offers you the opportunity to select a highly targeted distribution within our network.

If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity and would like to see one or more of your titles distributed
according to your criteria, we invite you to contact us.


Digital Signage - Presse Commerce Chain

Digital signage: another innovation from the Presse Commerce Chain! Advertisers can now benefit from increased visibility thanks to our new giant screens, which are sure to enhance your product and capture the attention of thousands of customers at a single glance.


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